Full guide of buyer convincing & Product selling methods in English


In this post, I will define the full concept of buyer behavior, buyer neurology, how to sell a product & what the buyer thinks?

This post will help you in Buyer convincing & How to sell a product? Buyer convincing is a very long topic so I have written this post so long. If you want to learn about How to sell the product & Buyer convincing methods then you have to read this post very carefully.

If you want to achieve this goal then you have to apply all the points in your life.


Before starting reading this post: “The Best ultimate guide of buyer convincing & How to sell a product?” I would like to introduce myself – If you would like to Start an Export-Import Business? then you should visit all export posts. These posts are in the Hindi language.

Hello friends, I am Naveen Kumar – A sales Expert. Friends, In this post, I will tell you how to sell goods to the customer?

How do we sell our product to him?

What should we prepare before selling the product?

What is the essential element for good salesmanship?

How can we improve our salesmanship skills?

I have talked about all these topics. Friends, One thing should be tied in your mind that never a product is sold but your talks are sold, your behavior is sold.

In this post, I have shared my 17-year experience with you. In this post, I have explained how we can sell our goods in the international market.

How can we sell our goods in the domestic market? How can we attract international customers with our words, our gestures?

So that we can easily sell our goods to him? I have also told all these things about the customers of the domestic market. There is not much difference between international and domestic customers.

Through this post, I have also told the retail customer that how we can easily sell our goods to him? I have taken a long time to write this post. Only after being fully convinced with this, I thought about its publication.

Through this, new people will get to learn a lot, those who are old also always have room for improvement. After this post, I will continue to provide the updated version of this post to you.

I believe in skill development, product knowledge, and motivation. If a person can take a mixture of all these then he can deal with his customer very easily and of course when the time comes for the customer to buy. He will buy from you only.

Through this, I will tell you a lot of situations in which we usually get entangled in how we have to talk to the customer or how to behave in this situation.

I have kept the language of my post straightforward so that people of any class do not have trouble understanding it & I have tried to avoid thick words.

In my lifetime, I also studied many posts. After studying posts & my personal experience, I found all the points which I mentioned in this, but these points, I am not questioning any writer. For this reason,

I have used a very simple English vocabulary in my post. I believe that a teacher should take into consideration the education level of his students.

He should assume that my students are very weak in this subject, I want to give you a virtue mantra, you just have to keep this subject in your mind,

Just as you do not divert your attention from the road while driving, in the same way, you do not have to divert attention while selling goods to any customer.

Otherwise, just as the attention can be reduced from the road, the accident can happen in the same way, the customer can go without buying the product without distracting the customer.

Note: – Through this post, I only want to teach how a businessman makes progress? I have no motive to hurt anyone.

The examples given in this post are only for explanation purposes.

My point of view is very clear that anything can be explained easily through examples.

These examples can be in my personal life or there may be other types.

All the details in this post are my personal experiences. The main language of this post in Hindi, which has been translated and written in other languages.

Therefore, you have a humble request that if there is a small language error inside the post, then you should ignore it. Thank you

In this post – “The best ultimate guide of buyer convincing & How to sell a product?” This point is very important.

यदि आप यह पोस्ट हिन्दी पोस्ट हिन्दी में पढ़ना चाहते हैं तो लिंक लो क्लिक करें: प्रोडक्ट बेचने के आसान तरीके

Behavior role in how to sell a product

According to me, For buyers to be convincing, behavior is the most important element. For running any business it is also an important element for selling any goods. Our behavior tells a lot about us.

Our behavior should be very gentle. Before selling our product, we must assume that the product we are selling is our God and should not be deceived by God in any way, then the chances of having a product sale are increased, but the display of mildness gives us this level.

It should be done so that it does not turn into sycophancy. The very difference between mildness and sycophancy is that the moment mildness enters the field of sycophancy, it loses its existence, our self-esteem that we should keep on top of it becomes tarnished.

I realized very quickly what the role of behavior is in salesmanship. In the market where I used to sell goods, My shop was tiny.

The customer used to come back only because of my behavior because even a little promotion sometimes makes a person proud and a little bit of it spoils the customer. This was my plus point.

The customers used to come back to me after talking with other vendors,

“Brother, we have come back again due to your behavior”

At that time, my limit of liability was further increased. I was the first to thank my customer on his arrival so that the customer does not experience any mistakes when he returns.

Soon the customer understood that the man was good.

I have maintained this behavior until today, which is proving helpful in my progress day and night. Apart from this, there are many such things that you will adopt within yourself, then no one can stop your progress, look at it as self-confidence, and not as an ego. To become good, you must first become a humanist.

You have to think that you should not harm your customers to earn more profit. It means to say that there is no harm as much as you want from the customer and the above, but the product that the person is paying for is to be given the same product.

Those who are reading this post, if they think that there can be quick progress by dishonesty, then they should leave this post right now.

Customer Requirement 

First of all, we should know from the customer what product he needs? What kind of need is that? Then we should assess whether we can give him that product? If the answer is positive then only we should adopt further rules.

Even if the answer is negative, one thing you always have to keep in mind is that the one who did not come to buy something from you today but may come tomorrow

Example (1) – I do not sell cotton mattresses but if someone comes to me to buy cotton Mattresses by mistake, I respect them very much and tell him that we do not trade in this product and I also tell him where he can get this product?

This kind of behavior leaves an indelible impression in his mind and whenever he feels the need for that product in the future he will definitely come to me.

I am telling you only after this sentence happens many times.

Example (2) -Sometimes this type of customer can also come to you at which price product you do not sell. That price can be high or low.

Suppose you sell luxury products and you have a customer of the lowest quality product, even then you should talk to him very politely, I mean that the kind of politely that you expect from the others should be given to the person also.

यदि आप यह पोस्ट हिन्दी पोस्ट हिन्दी में पढ़ना चाहते हैं तो लिंक लो क्लिक करें: ग्राहक को संतुष्ट करने के आसान तरीके


While selling any product, always keep in mind what kind of service your customer wants?

And what service are you able to give him?

The more services you give, the more chances of selling your goods will increase.

Example 1)-I sell mattresses. Now that the size of the mattress is large and the customer cannot take it with him without any resources.

Means, then I offer him such a service that it comes out of his mind that how will this product be delivered to my house? For this, I make arrangements in advance.

The second expectation is that the customer wants his Product to reach his home on the same day.

The customer may be sleeping on mattresses for more than 2 years, but at the moment he purchased the mattresses, he wishes that his mattresses reach his house before he reaches home.

To satisfy our customers, we should think of ourselves as a customer. For this, we should arrange all the things that our customers can except for us with convenience.

Example (2) One thing you have to take special care of is that when you offer delivery to the customer, that means the temptation to deliver the goods,

At that time there is a thing going on in the mind of the customer that you could change his goods. This does not depend on all the products,

but for whom you do, you should get the customer to sign the goods posted, and it will satisfy him that the product you have delivered to his house is the same product which he has purchased from you.

I had done the purchase.


This is the most important element of selling any product. Without this, no product can ever be sold and If you can build trust in your customer, then he can submit it only by telling the truth.

By telling the truth, I mean the correct interpretation of the commodity and not the right price of the commodity. First of all study the product you want to sell,

whether it is durable or workable. Now whatever you want to tell your customer about that product, you have to tell the truth. Many people think that we sell goods by lying,

but this may cause you many difficulties in the future. You cannot force a product by lying because it is an essential element of human behavior.

If you are giving a correct explanation about a product, then your confidence level will be very high at that time. Let me explain this to you through an example.

Example 1)-Suppose I have a mattress of good quality and a mattress is of very low quality (of Thermocol).

You must have heard about Thermocol. It is useful in packing some items. It is white in color, breaks when folded.

Now can I satisfy my customer about the thermocol mattress? Can I tell him that this mattress is of very good quality? Because the mattress I know that if this mattress collides somewhere, 

it can break even in that case can I praise it? The answer will be no because I am afraid that what will happen if my customer comes to know the reality?

My facial expressions will also be such that anyone can read them comfortably that this product is not good and no one can give 100% performance in this situation.

यदि आप यह पोस्ट हिन्दी पोस्ट हिन्दी में पढ़ना चाहते हैं तो लिंक लो क्लिक करें: Selling स्किल्स को निखारने के तरीके

Customer Product Price Category

We have to divide our customers into 3 price categories.

1. Highest Price Range

2. Medium price range

3. Lowest price range

This will remove our dilemma, first of all, what price the customer needs.

This will benefit that now we will know which category of goods to sell to the customer. Now the question arises: how will we find out? So for that, we have to give 3 prices of our product to the customer.

First of all, we have to talk about the lowest priced product, then the middle price product, and finally the highest price category.

Now the question arises in what way do we ask the customer? 

Here I will give some tips and I will also tell you what is going on in the mind of the customer.

First, I will tell you what is going on in the mind of the customer. The customer will never tell you the price at which he wants to buy the goods.

From a psychological point of view, the only thing going on in his mind is that if he tells the price,

you will sell him the lowest quality product in that price range because he hasn’t trusted you yet, how will you find out? For this, you have to speak to the customer,

We have three categories of this product. Now you will first tell the price of all three products.

After this, you have to ask the customer, in which category are you interested?

The matter does not end here right now, there is a doubt in the mind of the customer and he thinks that he should not tell this low price item at my price because till now he only knows the price of your product.

He does not know the description. So now you have to do that you will tell Product interpretation the price according to the important feature. I say this through an example because the example makes a good sense of the matter.

Examples:-Suppose Mike is a customer and Simon is a seller. You will read their conversation and understand how you want to talk. I will also give an exam for my own product.

Mike: – Hi Simon: Hello brother, how are you?

Mike: – Brother, I am good, kindness is your vision.

Simon: – Hey! Brother, big people need kindness, we are younger than you haha!!

Mike: – Brother, I was thinking of selling your mattresses. Brother, what will be the rate?

Simon: Yes, brother! We have three categories of mattresses made here.

1-Regular quality – double bed set will be ₹ 2500. Nothing will be guaranteed

2-Premium quality – Double bed set will be 3500. It also has a 2-year guarantee. The guarantee involves only a deflated

3. Luxury Quality – double bed set will be ₹ 5800. We give the guarantee on it for 10 years. We also have some schemes for this. Which it will cost you ₹ 5200.

Now whatever category the customer asks you about, you will know what is the taste of your customer. What does he want?

How much quantity does he require? What price can you give? After this, the work has become very easy for you. I do not want to cover the points of the entire post in one topic, so I will give the rest of the points separately. 

Quick Witted – Spot the Answer

You must have to be a good speaker for good salesmanship. Along with being a good speaker,

you also have to be ready for a quick response. You should not avoid any questions of the customer. Your answer should also be such that it does not hurt to listen to the customer. Quick Witted does not mean that you can say anything,

whether it makes the customer feel good or bad. You should have a sense of humor that you speak in the best way. You will never hurt comments. Let me explain this to you by example.

Examples:-I have a mattress shop. Once a customer came. I greeted him on arrival. But he was in a slightly mischievous mood. I asked him what to show, “sir”. Then he said,


I immediately asked him, sir, do you want black or white?

The customer probably did not expect this answer from me.

He laughed so much that I sold him a mattress at very expensive rates because 

“Laugh to be stuck”!

Now you want to know what would I say if the customer’s answer was that white elephant? So I say sir, white is finished and black we do not sell.

In the same way, the mind will make you complete this subject with enticing examples so that you do not get bored reading the post with your mind and read it completely.

यदि आप यह पोस्ट हिन्दी पोस्ट हिन्दी में पढ़ना चाहते हैं तो लिंक लो क्लिक करें: ग्राहक को समझने के तरीके

Product Knowledge 

It is very beneficial to have all the information to sell any product. To sell products abroad, you must have to gain all the knowledge about the PRODUCT.

First of all, for good salesmanship, you must know all the good features of the product as well as all the bad features of the product.

You must also know all the specifications of your competitor’s product. Now you may be thinking, what do we have to do with the information about your competitor’s product? So friends,

While describing your own product specifications, it is important to tell what are the good features of your product compared to other products, but you should never take the name of any brand or any vendor. Please fit this in your mind very well.

I have given this answer to this post further. In international trade, you should also keep in mind that the product which is famous in your country, only you know the foreign customer does not know about that product.

When you sell goods in large quantities, then you must know all the best features of the product, without knowing you will not be able to sell the goods, because the person who takes the goods in large quantities has either already taken a lot of information or taken after the talk to you.

To attract the customer towards you, you should tell such things about the product, which the customer will be attracted to you after listening. Once any particularity of your product has sat in the mind of the customer, then a 90% chance that your goods would have sold. 

For this, as I already told you, you do not even have to lie. You should never give the wrong description of the product. If you do this, you will never be successful in life. You should tell your customers about the actual quality of the product. 

Now, I give a tip on this, you should try to ensure that the quality of the product is good so that you do not have to lie about anything. 

You can charge an extra price from the customer, but you cannot lie in the quality mentioned. Let me explain this to you by example.

Examples:-Suppose, I am doing a steel trading business. There are certain grades in steel. Like 304-Grade and 202-Grade. Now it has 304-Grade high quality and 202-Grade is of medium quality. The customer needs steel for his main door. 

Now, I should like the quality of grade 304-Grade because there is no rust in the water in grade 304-Grade and because he is purchasing steel for his main door, he definitely needs this quality Should be on which the rust does not occur even in outdoor weather. 

Now I have to do one more thing along with it, I should put it in his mind that you have to take only 304 -Grade steel. I will also tell the customer about his gauge. This will increase customer confidence in me and will increase our chances of selling goods.

The payment method

you should discuss this subject with your customers in the end. Only after all the deals are final,

if you talk about the payment methods, payment terms, then it is fine.

Only after all the deals are final, You should talk to your client on this subject.

In this case, I want to clarify one thing that payment terms are always of the seller. On this topic, you can freely say to your customers.

Your customers know that they will have to pay that amount according to your terms and conditions but in return, they expect that you will not tamper with the quality of the goods.

In this post – The best ultimate guide of buyer convincing & How to sell a product?” The next point is

Before talking to the customer you have to follow these rules In international trade

Before talking to your customer, you should keep all the necessary information in front of you and study them, 

after that,

you should start talking to the customer. In international trade, most of the conversations you have are via phone, in which voice calling as well as video calling has increased a lot. 

One thing I have noted many times about international customers is that they value time more than money. so, I am teaching you this quality, 

you should appreciate their time. Finding the things you need repeatedly during the conversation can spoil your billions of customers.

Now I have used Billions here because in the export-import business the customer always takes only a very high quantity. After all, it is possible to control his price only by taking excessive quantities. 

In the beginning, a single customer will give you so much work in a year that you will not even try to find another customer quickly. So, you have to follow this instruction very carefully.

International trade arrangements

You need to make some preparations to sell your product in international trade. After doing these preparations, your confidence level will increase, which is a very important element for a good salesman.


Price, In any country in which you want to sell your goods, first get the import data of the product of the country that you want to sell the product. 

You can find many websites on the Internet to buy import data. One thing you have to keep in mind is that the data you will buy must be at least 3 months old.

First of all, you will study the customers who took the goods 3 months ago because now their previous goods will have expired.

Now, after studying it carefully, you will gather information about your work such as from whom those merchants have taken the goods. 

Now, pay attention to what I am telling you about the next point. You have to contact the exporters given in the data. Yes,

you read well You have to seek quotations from exporters as customers. You have to study this quotation very well. Through this quotation, you will get to know about the product quality of your competitor. You will know about his payment terms.

His profits will be well known and you will also know about any special negativity. Now! The benefits of reading this post begin from here. 

You have a lot of information collected. Now! you have to contact your customer. First, I named this point price. This is because I know very well what mistake you guys will make. You will directly contact the customer and offer him a lower price,

Which I do not want at all. We have to bring the attraction of that customer not on price but the quality of the product. Man always wants it to get good quality at the same price because of human nature.

We just have to fit this client’s mind that till now he was buying goods of lower quality by paying a higher price. He will never ask his seller to reduce the price. 

He can only ask his vendor to increase the quality of the goods and brothers, you must have heard a saying that “The customer is never kinship with the seller”.


All these preparations are extremely important for selling goods to international customers.

Without all these preparations you will have a lot of difficulty in convincing your customer and without it, you will be very lagging in the competition.

You will also have to resort to all these cases to maintain the quality of your level. With all these preparations, whenever you step into the field of sales, you will find yourself very strong mentally. 

The methods I have given in this post are very good tools to improve your skills. It will sharpen your skills very much.

वेबसाईट के बारे में हिन्दी में जानने के लिए पढ़ें: बिजनेस के लिए वेबसाइट कैसे बनाये?

Brochure- (Pamphlet)

You must mail your product brochure. This will make it very easy to convince the customer about your product. This is a very important element in international trade.

In this post, I do not want to leave any subject without which you have trouble selling goods, So, I am writing all these topics in this post.

Forget This Is The First Deal

In your initial days, you should remove from your mind that you are new in this field. 

This will make it so that anyone can easily read your facial expressions because facial expressions can be read more easily than words. 

It will happen that your fear will be seen on your face. The customer came to know that you have less knowledge about this product and he knows more about it.

At that very moment, the customer will enter the attacking mode. Now the scope of his questions will increase. He will interrogate you like an advocate.

He will behave as if he has a Ph.D. on this subject, So, I said that you have to forget that this is your first deal or your initial deal. I will also explain this to you by an example,

which will make you understand better. Examples:-Along with the mattress, I thought that I should start making the sofa on order. For this, I promote myself on the Internet.

I got a couch lead. Now, I had to take that order from that customer. For this, I asked my handicraftsman about the dimensions of the sofa.

That means the height of the back should be. What should be the height of the seat? But how much does the seat cloth look like?

What is the wood used for? Now, I have confirmed one thing where I am going, that customers will not know as much as I know.

I know that he does not know about the couch and I also knew one thing that he does not even know is that this is my first deal related to the couch. 

If he would have known that I had just started the work on the sofa, he would certainly not have ordered me because his sofa was of luxury quality and he was afraid that it might spoil my sofa. 

I hope you guys have understood what I was trying to tell you through this example. For your information, let me tell you that I had received the order for that so

Amicable Jealousy

To do any business and to increase the share of growth in it, you need energy. You can get this source of energy through this element (Jealously) but this should be amicable. 

This does not mean that you will complain about the raid of your opponent’s business or start doing some kind of conspiracy. 

This means that you will compete with your opponent in such a way that you sell good products and sell more than that.

You should always keep in mind to get ahead of your opponent, this is a very good method to progress. Through this element,

you will always be energized and as soon as you know that your opponent is going to get a big order, then you will do something to get that order or do something to get a bigger order. Whether you believe it or not,

there is a stinging thing ever said by someone, even if it was said unknowingly, but it fits somewhere in the brain. Which can be very useful if we take it properly.

We should show that answer by doing something great and not by speaking words.

Customer Hesitation or Customer Indecision situation

Friends, we should take great care of this situation so that the customer does not feel any hesitation during repeated conversations with you. 

You have to set the mind of your customer that you are not getting disturbed by his repeated calls or asking questions repeatedly, but it is a part of your business and you have to satisfy the customer.

In this way, a special type of bonding will be formed with your customers. If your customer is not deciding if he is confused about what he should do.

When this situation arises when your customer is new, he is unable to reach a decision quickly, he is always afraid that he will do damage. 

This is the time when you can make it your own by guiding him properly. I will also tell you this by example. 

Examples:-(1) – When I started I was new in my business. In my early days,

At that time I used to fear that I might suffer some loss due to some mistakes. 

One of the reasons behind this was that I had a lot of losses in business. 

The loss was very fast because I was very new, so I could not understand what happened at that time. Well, this loss only gives us experience. 

After that I started another business, I came in contact with many experienced businessmen, Now I was able to read the tricks of the traders well. 

I knew that if I fell this time, I would not be able to recover. At that time some good traders knew that this is a hen laying a golden egg and we should not tear her stomach for the golden eggs at once, they are still associated with me.

Examples(2) – Some traders used to ask me about the goods again and again and tell me two things more than myself, which was very useful to me. 

That day I had thought that I would never speak any stinging statement to my customer for his repeated questioning. We should think from this point of view that the sooner his goods are sold, the sooner he will come to you to take the goods again.

Product Pricing

To sell any product, its price has a very psychological effect. Only the price doesn’t need to attract the customer, but you can take psychological advantage of it.

First, determine the 3 prices of each product you sell.

1. Low Price

2. Medium Price

3. Highest Price

You have to take special care that there is a difference between the customer category and the product price category. 

I have told you the customer category, so in this column, I will explain to you the product price category. You must also determine the three prices of the product to sell any product successfully. 

First of all, you should start at a low price, then tell the customer about the medium price and finally the highest price. Now according to the price,

you should tell the customer about the features of that product. I have already told you that you should never lie to the customer about the qualities of the product. For this, you need to study your product.

Facial Expressions

Gestures, gestures are always free from the bondage of languages. Anyone can understand this much more easily than the language. 

Laugh-cry, joy-sorrow, cunning, dishonesty,

such expressions can be easily understood by anyone,

whether he knows your language or not. You always have to pay special attention to your gestures while talking to customers. You should have a smile on your face. Your body must be energized.

(Note: – The energy of the body does not mean that you show it by running.)

Let me explain this to you through two examples. In one example I am a seller and in another, I am a buyer.

Examples(1):-In which I am a buyer –

Once I was dealing somewhere. The seller was unaware that I was constantly watching his gestures. He told his employee that 

“Show that special sample to my brother”.

My focus was not on his employee but him. He felt that my attention was somewhere else. At the same time, He woke his employees.

I immediately understood that there was something black in the lentil and I made up my mind not to buy from there. Thus through this example, you must have understood what effect your gesture can have on your customer.

Example(2):-This is my early business days.

Once a customer came to purchase the goods from me. The customer was almost ready to buy the goods. 

That customer told me to look at the actual product instead of the sample because our product is slightly larger in size (mattress). 

I was a bit lethargic and I told my client that 

The product would be the same”.

In this way, the customer got unsatisfied and went without buying any goods. We get a lesson from this that we have to be energetic until the end.

Absolutely Don’t

This is a subject to explain in detail, so I will not skimp at all in explaining this topic. You have to take care of these things that you do not have to do to sell the product. 

If you take special care of these things then surely you can become a skilled salesman.

Product Quality

Under no circumstances should you lie to the customer about the features of your product.

If you try to sell your goods by doing this, then surely you will not be able to use your full talent and your chances of selling your goods will be reduced.

About yourself (Define Yourself)

Some people give much false information about themselves while selling goods

As if they are a manufacturer or their company is very big or other similar lies. You should never tell a false statement about yourself or the state of your business while selling your goods.

It is better to lie about those things that you do not want to say, that you should not discuss them.

I am explaining this because if you do your speech in this way, then the customer will also start expecting you in a way that you will be unable to fulfill.

Let’s understand through an example.  


Once I went to do a business deal with my friend. My friend said such big things in front of that customer that the customer agreed to take the goods from us and was also giving us advance but we had to leave the deal.

Isn’t it surprising! 

Now listen to what conversation my friend had there. For this, I will mark some topics.

My friend’s factory has a production capacity of 200 mattresses per month. He said in front of the customer that

“We sell 5000 mattresses every month!!”.

 He also added that

“We also sell the Mattresses abroad as well!!”.

Whereas till that time I did not come to the field of export. That customer proposed that we send 1000 Mattresses to America. 

As soon as I heard this, I came from there after making some excuse and my friend also came out in a few minutes. I hope you understand by this example what I want to say?

Any Brand Name

You should never speak another brand name to the customer while selling your goods because as soon as you speak another brand name, a mirage will wake up in the mind of the product.

The companies give money to promote their name, so why would you promote that company’s name for free? You should never carry out a comparative study in front of the customer by taking the name of any other brand of your product. 

While selling goods to many people, I have heard many sellers saying that

“our product is better than that company”. 

This too creates a mirage in the customer’s mind. The customer goes out to see the goods of that company and you wonder why your customer has left?

In international business also, I always tell you that the customer does not know about any other brand name, you only tell him the name of another brand and then think how the customer got out?

Dear, brother!! The world is so big,

there are thousands of brands, you can compliment your goods. Why are you putting another name in the customer’s mind without meaning?

I hope you have understood this topic well that publicity costs money, then you will not promote anyone for free unless you have some benefit of your own.

At the moment of Final Pricing

At the time of finalizing any deal, if the customer tells you a price that he wants to buy your product for that much and that the price is so much that you want to sell it immediately at that price then you should be a little restrained.

If you immediately say “yes”, you can lose the deal because the customer may suspect that he has bid more of the product. The time should not be too long Because you would not be able to say yes.


While selling the product, you have to take special care of what services you are promising to the customer? 

You should keep in mind that apart from the promises you are making, the customer will expect more from you because it is human nature and it is very important to know human nature while selling any product. 

This develops your working style about selling any product. You should promise to provide only those offers which you can provide, do not declare any such offers which you cannot do.

Let me give you an example of the customer’s expectations. Example:-When you will give a 10% discount on the price to the customer, then he asks for 20% or 25%.

When you promise to give the customer a pillow free with a mattress, then the customer asks for two pillows free.

When you tell the customer that the bed is free with this mattress, then he will say that he wants two beds free.

I hope you have understood well what I want to explain from the above example.

Absolutely Do

In this topic, I will tell you what you should do to successfully sell any product? In this, I will talk about both domestic and international trade. It has almost the same things except for a few things. If you understand all these topics well, whether it is a domestic market or international market, you will not have any problem with selling your goods anywhere.

Spelling Mistake

You have to take great care of spelling while communicating with your customers.

A spelling mistake can change the meaning of an entire sentence. 

Let me tell you about a word through an example of how one word will change the meaning of the whole sentence.

I am giving you this word in the example so that you will always remember it.

Prostitute instead of prosecuting, Now if someone makes such kind of mistake in writing, So only God can save.

Sample Packing

Whenever we send the sample pieces to our customers, we have to keep in mind that it happens in the same way that someone is sending their photo for the wedding.

This is to say that he should be fascinated by the packing of that sample. If you do not make the packing good, then your product will not look attractive and your deal may get spoiled. While sending the sample,

you should also make sure that it does not spoil during transportation as the customer will see how it looks when he approaches it. 

This is also a psychological cause. All of you must always keep in mind that at the time of sending the original product your product should be better than the sample. 

So that you can get the order again as soon as possible.

Don’t just think about only your benefits

It should always be your endeavor that any such kind of benefit that you are getting by putting your customers at a disadvantage will always be harmful.

You should not always think only about your own benefits. You should come to the place of the customer and think about what kind of expectations you would have with your salesperson if you were in his place.

Due to this feature of yours, your customers will be attracted to you. I have tried this too many times. You will get the same kind of behavior in return for the way you treat others.

After Sales Service

You should explain very well to your customers what kind of services you will give to them after the sale. Promise to give services as much as you can deliver.

You can also sell goods easily through good services. I need to give you an example to explain this very well.

Example:-As you know, I am a merchant of mattresses.

So I give some guarantees on my mattress years on each of my mattress models. I explain this well to my buyer that if there is any kind of complaint in my product that should not come to normal conditions, 

then I will change the product and make it available to the customer which will be absolutely free. At the same time, I also explain to him very well what kind of things will not be covered in the guarantee.

No seller wants his customer to visit him again and again for grievance redressal. Offering good services after the sale also increases the chances of selling the goods.

Production Capacity

You must always know about your production capacity and give correct information about it to your customers. If you would get an order which is larger than your capacity then you could be entered into a bad situation.

In the domestic market, we can manage this thing but in international trade, you are sure to lose, so you should take orders according to your production capacity.

My exporter brothers should pay special attention to this point because In export everything happens in writing.

I have given an example in this post on production capacity, so I do not think it appropriate to give another example

Be Hardworking

You have to be diligent in good salesmanship. You have to give up laziness because laziness is something that will always take you away from your destination.

How many people do not know how hard work is done in business, So brothers, hard work can be physical as well as mental.

This is an important element such as sending mail, sample couriers, and frequent customer contact.

Execute your talk with the customer. All these elements are the point of good salesmanship. Including all these things in your life, you will gradually get all the good characteristics of salesmanship.

Positive Friend

First of all, you should not discuss any of your friends about your business. I do not want to say that every friend is not well.

I want to say that if you want to discuss it with a friend, then do it with a friend who is of positive attitude Otherwise, After discussing your business with a negative friend,

you will get wandered very soon from your path because the nature of human beings is such that they get inspired by negative things very quickly.

If you are unable to decide to do export business then In that case when you will discuss with a friend, I claim that 9.5 out of 10 will refuse you by 9.5.

I mean that only one friend will be found, which will neither encourage nor discourage you.

The exporters are indeed at a loss, but no one explains how it happens?

The answer to this is that the person who has been putting his losses in exports, seems to be at his own fault, otherwise there is no possibility of a loss in exports.

The person who follows the correct trading system never faces the loss, that is, the system runs,

the probability of loss is 0%. Now people tell me that some of my knowledge has been damaged but they do not tell how it happened? Therefore, the listener loses his morale inside by listening to his words, so positive friends have special significance.

Goal Set

When selling goods to your customers, you should set your goal. In the goal, at what price do you want to sell the goods? That amount should be very clear in your mind.

You will not have to face many difficulties in achieving your goal. At that time, you should focus only on the customer and his words. 

As long as you stay with the customer, you should give attention to the customer.

A student who studies according to the goal of scoring 100 marks never worries that he will fail because his goal is so big that he achieves the goal of passing very quickly.

Similarly, you should set your goal, if your goal is big then your progress will also be quick.

Mentally Prepare

You must be mentally prepared to sell any product. If you are not prepared mentally, then you can face difficulties in achieving your goal. For this, you have to take all the information about your product, how will the transportation take place? What is the quality of the product? You need to know all the major facts about your product.

Not  Hurry

Before starting any business, you should make all preparations, and only then you should talk to the customer. This will increase your confidence level,

you will also be able to give good service to the customer. Hurrying can be harmful to any business.

If you understand one thing closely first and then take any step after that, success will surely kiss your steps.

Initial Investment

Often people make a huge mistake at the time of investing in the beginning. Many people believe that work should start on a very large scale.

Whereas, in your own society around you, you will find many such examples among your people who started their business from a very small level and now they are at the peak of progress.

This means that even if you have a lot of capital, you should still invest a little amount in the beginning.

Gradually, you will come to assess everything and after the work is done, no matter how much capital you invest in it, you will not gain the loss. 

Your customers will tell you what quality of goods customers wants to purchase? How much stock should you keep? There are many things that the customer will teach you. I mean

“The customer will teach”

that when the customer comes to you and demands a product, then you can easily understand what kind of product demand in the market and you can maintain your stock accordingly.


This is the source of any good salesmanship. Without this, your ability to sell cannot be sharpened.

If you make a commitment in any matter to the customer, then it is your moral duty that you have to fulfill that commitment.

Therefore, before making any commitment to any subject, you must pay attention to your ability on that subject.

You should ask the question to yourself: will you be able to fulfill what you are saying?


Domestic trade or international trade, you have to take care of time. I am telling you what to take care of about time.

Production process: – You always have to take great care of the production time of the product.

Delivery time: – You have to deliver the goods along with the production process within the fixed time. This is a very important element. Many exporters have gained loss by the time negligence

What time you should talk to the customer: – Many people make the same mistake of not paying attention to what time they should talk to their customers. This is a very important thing in international trade.

When you are here at 12:00 in the day, it may be 3:00 in the night in your client’s country.

You keep on making phone calls, this can have a bad effect on your customer personally.

The same thing applies to the domestic market. You should ensure the time to talk to your customers. If not very necessary,

the time between 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. is the day on which you will have to accept lunchtime.

This is a very ideal time to talk. After 8:00 pm, do not try to call the customers.

At that time he may be spending quality time with his family and he may be busy with some other entertainment. You will understand all these things when you too will give enough time to your family.

You cannot get mental satisfaction only by doing business and being engaged in doing business,

mental satisfaction can only be achieved by laughing with the family and it is very important to have a stable mind for business growth.

A grieving man can never give his 100 percent.

Always Respect for women

Along with being a good businessman, you must also be a good person. For this, you will always have respect for women in your mind.

When you enter into the field of international trade, you will have to come in contact with women from time to time.

As I have already said, you have to set your goal.

In the context of this subject, if you get a little bit, then you will deviate from your goal.

For this, you have to always keep in mind that whenever you talk to women, always talk with them only with respectful words.

You should not try to use double-meaning words. I am telling all this because this is my moral duty to tell all the points of perfect salesmanship.

You should know what to do and what not to do and this is also a very important part of it, so I do not think that I should leave this topic.

According to me, this topic is very important because I have seen good traders ruin this work.

I have written this post in such a simple language and have used so many selected words that there will be hardly any subject that you have not understood.

Afraid of missing a good deal

Everyone is afraid of a deal cancellation. This is a normal process. When you come to meet a customer, there is also a fear in your mind that this deal will not slip out of your hands. In this matter,

I want to explain one thing very clearly: whatever you think, understand, tell, say, ask, show, do it at the same time as your customer. For this, you should prepare fully and ask what you want to ask?

What to show?

Now, you should wait for the customer to contact you. Never forget to call the customer, again and again, to get orders very quickly or in a very short time.

If you have understood that customer well at the time of your appointment, then be sure that he will not go anywhere and get busy with your other customers.

You should not do this. It does not mean that you do not call that customer, it means that you have to wait for the right time, neither should it be too soon nor it is too late.

For this, you have to develop a special talent in yourself. This talent will automatically come to you.

For good salesmanship, you should learn to read like a psychologist. This is an art that develops slowly.

What will the customer think?

Whenever you talk to your customers, then you have to concentrate on one thing that whatever you said to your customers,

What will the customer understand and mean by anything you say?

You should not say anything in such a way that the customer’s attention shifts to a subject where you do not want.

Before you say anything, you should listen to the customer very carefully.

The customer should not interrupt, he should not feel anywhere that you are not giving him attention.

You don’t need to face him in such a way that you know more than him but he should feel that he is a very intelligent customer.

Sometimes even one thing can annihilate the whole deal. During a talk to the customer, you should not lose your mind elsewhere.

You should focus all your attention on that deal. You have to focus all your attention on that deal.

I remember an incident, so I thought I should write it down. I am telling you about retail shoplifting. This is a common mistake we often make.

At that time a customer bought two mattresses from me 7 days before.

When the customer came back he wanted to purchase a mattress of the same quality. Now I forgot the rate of those mattresses,

How much price I had taken from the customer? Now, if I asked the customer, the customer would tell me the lower price. 

If I had charged myself some price and it would have been less than the price given earlier, the customer would have asked me why did you give me expensive mattresses earlier?

So a friend, a good way to get out of this situation. You should say such a high price that you have never sold at this price.

The customer will tell himself how much he has taken. If he would have taken $500 and you would tell him  $700, then he would not say,

“No brother, we had taken $500, then you should also say that you have not taken $500.

Just drag this conversation a little longer, your work will be done and the work of the customer will also be done.

Customer’s mind

The customer always has the same mind regarding the price. He always expects that he gets a higher priced item at a lower price.

This is a kind of human behavior. Suppose the price of item A is $500 and the price of item B is $700, then the customer always expects in his mind that he gets product B at the price of A. In this way, you too can easily decide the price to sell your items.

Pricing Offers

Whenever you understand the pricing game, that day you have understood to read the mind of the customer. Now let me explain this fact.

Let me give you some examples of pricing offers.


Suppose I put the price of my post which you are reading right now at $499 and I am making it available to you for a special discount of $299.

Now I have done one more thing in it that the price of this post will be kept for $199 for 2 days on the coming 25th date and this price will be only for the initial 500 posts,

Can you imagine that by selling at such a low price?

I can sell more posts than on other days. Sales can also increase compared to other days and very easily I can attract my customers. Similarly, big companies play with the minds of customers, for this, they have hired big neurosurgeons at their jobs.

Many websites have come in such a way that whenever you work on the Internet, at that time they keep collecting your data, what do you like?

What do you want to buy? What were you looking for on the internet? With the help of all this data, these companies can sell their goods easily.

While there is nothing but simple science behind it. All you need to know is that this customer wants to buy this thing.

It has such a budget and you are getting that thing in its budget.

Example:-You can also tell the customer that you have to clear this stop, for this you are removing it cheaply.

Now the goods will be worth more than this, it is the goods of the old price. You can also entice your customers through such good offers.

Think Like A Buyer and Act Like A Seller

To be a good seller you have to think like a customer.

This will help you understand exactly what to do?

What to do? If you don’t know what a customer does think? So how will you explain to your customer?

Why Is Your Product Cost Less??

Do you have to explain to your customers why your product is of a low price?

For this, you can tell him that you buy goods on the same-day payment,

which makes you cheaper and gets good quality. You do not waste money.

It is cheaper to buy goods in more quantities at one time. You buy goods directly from the manufacturer,

This saves the middleman’s commission. Such things have to be coordinated in such a way that one thing fits in the mind of your planet, that their purchasing is cheap,

that is why the quality of their goods is good and the price is low. As soon as you will be able to convince your client that your work is done.

You can dodge the customer with the prices but never compromise with the quality of the goods.

You always try to make good quality goods and you try to sell only good quality goods, you will not even know when you reached the peak of progress.

Use the words they like to hear

Speaking some magic words is very important for good salesmanship.

These words are the same words that we like to hear.

Some examples of these are – in particular, free, latest, more and instant. Customers are always attracted to hearing these words.

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